College Student in Your Household? Check your coverage

If you’re helping one of your children go off to college for the first time, or return to college, Erie Insurance can help you gain some extra protection.


Here are five questions to consider about insurance when a child enters college.


How will your homeowners insurance cover a college student’s personal property?

Usually, the belongings of your child-turned-college-student will be covered by your homeowners insurance, but it’s best to talk to your insurance agent to be sure.


Will your student be living on or off campus?

Students who live off campus may not be covered by their parents’ homeowners policy and may need to purchase their own renters insurance.


Is there a discount on your auto insurance because you’ll have one less driver living at home?

When your son or daughter goes off to school, your household might get a discount — as long as they don’t take a car along. If he or she does take a vehicle, talk to your Erie Insurance Agent, who can review your coverage to make sure your child is properly insured.


Will you need extra protection for student loans?

If student loans are involved, you might want to consider life insurance* for your son or daughter. It can help financially in the case of an unexpected death (although no one wants to think about that).


What about liability insurance?

Insurance can help in the most unexpected cases. Accidents happen — sometimes tragically. Extra liability coverage through a personal catastrophe liability policy, commonly called an umbrella policy, can help protect you financially should a lawsuit ensue.


Most importantly, let your ERIE Agent know of any changes happening in your household so he or she can help you keep your family as protected as possible. It’s always a good idea to talk to your Agent to double-check your specific situation and coverage needs.


*Erie Family Life insurance products are not available in New York.
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