Get Your Good Name Back

While the overall economy is still a little sluggish, it’s boom time in the shady business of identity theft.

There are more than 10 million victims of identity theft each year, and the Identity Theft Resource Center predicts that rising unemployment will drive more people to commit identity fraud in 2010. The organization predicts that, while online scams will persist, more thieves will turn to low-tech methods such as stealing Social Security numbers, dumpster diving or “phishing” for credit card numbers.


Here are a few ways to protect your identity:

  • Shred your documents
  • Be wary of sharing personal information online or by phone. If you’re shopping online, don’t provide your Social Security number and make sure the Web site you’re using is secure.
  • Don’t use your Social Security number for a password
  • Consider purchasing ERIE’s Identity Recovery Coverage, an insurance product that can help you recover your identity should it ever be stolen.


If you’re interested in extra protection, we can help.

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