Something Old, Something New

Modern cars can be wonderful, but there’s something about a classic that makes them timelessly beautiful. Take the Model T, for instance. It was one of the first cars ever mass-produced, but its distinctive high carriage, convertible roof and endearing headlights never go out of style.

Erie Insurance is a little like that Model T. We’ve been around a long time—in fact, the Model T was the most popular car when ERIE was founded way back in 1925. We got our start insuring cars, back when they were still new-fangled horseless carriages. And for the past 86 years, we’ve continued offering the same comprehensive, attentive and timeless service. It’s just a part of who we are.

Don’t get us wrong—there’s a place for the new and modern. But when it comes to protection and service, you want the classic treatment.  Come see why we are an award-winning car insurer, and how we can take care of your new-fashioned car with  classic customer service.