Church Insurance

Churches have many of the same needs as businesses, but the high use of volunteers results in their needing additional coverage not included in a typical business policy. Erie Insurance offers policy endorsements to help protect churches for:

* Equipment Breakdowns

* Exterior Signs, Lights and Clocks

* Fine Art Protection

* Employee & Volunteer Theft

* Parsonage

* Sexual Molestation Defense

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Directors & Officers Coverage

Directors and Officers (D&O) of churches are sometimes sued for their policy making decisions or should I say lack thereof. When something goes wrong especially when the victim is a child there are going to be questions as to why. Why did our church do this or why did our church not do that? The blame game can result in Directors and Officers getting sued.

While no insurance policy can replace due diligence on behalf of the Directors and Officers, it can help defend and protect the leadership.

Give us a call at (423) 279-9060 for a quote.